Import/Export Facilitation

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, structured to function as the central facilitation point for investors, is also responsible for permitting Imports and Exports of projects under section 17 of the BOI law as well as providing other investor related services. These facilities are provided by the Investor Services Department of the BOI. If you are looking for information regarding investing in Sri Lanka please contact, the Investor Facilitation Center.


Services Offered by the Investor Services Department

  • Processing and Approving Import / Export Documents
  • Examination of Import / Export Cargo
  • Issue of Certificates of Origin for Apparel and Textile products
  • Approval for Subcontracts, Transfers, Loans of raw material
  • Re-Import and Re-Export of Items
  • Recommendations to the Controller General of Immigration & Emigration for issue of expatriate visas (Only for the Enterprises located in the Zones)
  • Indirect Export
  • Web Submission
  • Other Investor related approvals

As an investor, undoubtedly you will be interested in finding out the procedure pertaining to investor related activities handled by this Department. To provide the above-mentioned services, the BOI has Investor Service Centers located at;

  • The Colombo Office – Level 06, West Tower, World Trade Center, Echelon Square, Colombo 01
  • Export Processing Zone Katunayake
  • Export Processing Zone Biyagama
  • Export Processing Zone Koggala and
  • Kandy Industrial Park – Pallekale

After signing the agreement with the BOI, to obtain the relevant services from one of the above centres, you should first register with the respective Investor Service Centre.


Registration with the Investor Services Department

  • BOI – agreement (Original)
  • BOI – Investment approval letter (Original)
  • VAT / TIN Certificate (original)
  • List of items approved by the Investment Department to be imported by the enterprise
  • BOI Registration Certificate (original)
  • List of authorized signatories approved to sign import/export cusdecs (names, designations, NIC/Passport numbers and signatures of three personnel) – 02 originals certified by the Chairman / Managing Director of the enterprise
  • A certified copy of Form 48, Form 1 sent to the Registrar of Companies
  • A certified copy of Form 2A (Certificate of Incorporation)

Download Registration Form

The relevant application form 45/FO/IS/31 could be downloaded for this purpose.

After registration with the IS Department you are also required to register with the ADP Unit of Sri Lanka Customs as per the FORM FOR THE REGISTRATION OF IMPORTERS & EXPORTERS IN TERMS OF SECTION 115 OF THE CUSTOMS ORDINANCE. You are required to register as a declarant with Sri Lanka Customs if you propose to affect your own Imports/Exports without utilizing the services of a clearing agent using the URL below.

Once registered with the Investor services Department, you are eligible to obtain services as per the agreement signed with the BOI.

In line with the ASYCUDAWORLD system, registration in the Investor Services Department under Import Export Monitoring System (IEMS) for the purpose of payment of BOI service charges for import/export and other services is requested.

Also you are required to open a prepaid account with the Investor Services Department of BOI, by you or your clearing agent (Declarant) for the purposes given below.

  • Registration of details of your enterprise and contact persons in to IEMS system of BOI.
  • Registration of user account for declarant portal.

Registration Enterprises

Contact Person

User Account Declarant Portal


Procedure for Effecting Exports

BOI Enterprises are permitted to export their finished products on Duty Free basis, as approved by the agreement entered into with the BOI

First Export Consignment

Enterprises should obtain the Certificate of Conformity (COC) from the Engineering Approvals Department/Regional Office or the respective Zone office before effecting the first export. The relevant application form 45/FO/IS/35 could be downloaded from the Website.

Documentation for Exports

Request for exports should be made under Cusdec declaration I and II and submitted to the relevant BOI Service Centre for approval.

Air freight / Sea freight02 copies of CUSDECs (Security copy & BOI copy)
02 copies of Commercial Invoices


  • As and when Certificate of Origin for export of Apparels is issued by the BOI, an additional copy of the CUSDEC is required
Export of Textile and Apparel Products
  • Quota allocation for exports to India could be obtained from the Department of Commerce prior to processing export documents.
  • Certificate of Origin for export to India will be issued by the Department of Commerce
  • Certificate of Origin with regard to exports to European Union (EU) countries will be issued by the relevant BOI service centre
  • For all other countries Certificates of Origin should be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce
Exports other than Textiles & Apparel
  • Obtain Approval from relevant government authorities, if required.
Taxes Applicable for Exports
Export Cess

Export Cess should be paid for applicable items at the rates specific to the relevant HS code, specified under the customs tariff

Temporary Export / Re-Exports

BOI also permits temporary export of the following items

  • Temporary export of Machinery and Equipment for repairs and return
  • Temporary export of items, for processing and return (Embroidery, Printing, ….etc)
  • Re-export of excessive, rejected or defective raw materials
  • Re-export of raw material & accessories when an order is transferred to another country

You should make a request to the relevant service centre for approval on submission of the re-export/temporary export application. The respective form is 45/FO/IS/05 and could be downloaded from the BOI website.

Submission of Export Documents

Export documents should be submitted electronically through ASYWORLD using the DTI (Direct Trader Input) facility.

Verification of Cargo

In addition to the Central Verification Terminal (Orugodawatta) and Air Cargo Terminal (Katunayake), BOI has several other centres for verification of import / export cargo by enterprises, located in the following Export Processing Zones.

BOI has several centres for examination of import / export cargo by enterprises, including the following Free Trade Zones.

  • Katunayake Export Processing Zone
  • Biyagama Export Processing Zone
  • Koggala Export Processing Zone
  • Kandy Industrial Park
  • Mirigama Export Processing Zone
  • Wathupitiwela Export Processing Zone
  • Malwatta Export Processing Zone
  • Seethawake Export Processing Zone
  • Horana Export Processing Zone
  • MAS Fabric Park

All enterprises located in the above Export Processing Zones can get their cargo verified at the respective zone in which the company is located. The company should register import or export documents after payment of verification charges at the said verification unit and a verification officer will be assigned for verification of cargo at the factory. Enterprises located close to KEPZ, BEPZ, Koggala EPZ, Kandy Industrial Park and MAS Fabric Part can also avail themselves of this facility. Only a random verification will be effected and in the event a shortage or excess of imported cargo is detected after cargo is taken to factory premises, the Enterprise should inform the respective service centre within 01 week of clearance of cargo.

Verification of Import and Export Cargo at Terminals

The BOI has two verification terminals to cater to the requirements of enterprises located outside the Export Processing Zones, namely CVT – Orugodawatta and ACTU – Katunayake

Central Verification Terminal (CVT) – Orugodawatta

Central Verification Terminal at Orugodawatta has been established to verify Sea Freight, Import / Export cargo of enterprises obtaining services from the Colombo Service Centre. This unit is open 24 hours of the day and offers a specialized service to its customers. Enterprises are requested to pay the relevant verification charges and register details of cargo at the unit for verification.

Air Cargo Terminal (ACT) – Katunayake

Air Cargo Terminal located at Katunayake has been established to verify Air Freight Import / Export cargo. This office is also open 24 hours of the day and BOI enterprises can obtain services by making online payment of service charges and registration of the cargo.

Enterprises should produce cargo for verification either to the CVT, ACT or the respective EPZ no sooner it is cleared from the port or airport. Enterprises should also ensure that cargo declared on the import and export cusecs have been physically imported and exported. Discrepancies of any nature should be identified and the respective service centres should be kept informed within 01 week of clearance or loading.

Provision of other services by the Investor Services Department

Transfer / Purchase of Material & Accessories

BOI Enterprises are permitted to transfer raw material and accessories between BOI and non-BOI enterprises coming under the perview of Sri Lanka Customs to be used for production of items for export.

For this purpose, you should obtain approval from the respective Investor Service Center using the application form 45/FO/IS/09 which can be downloaded from our website.

You are also requested to submit a CUSDEC prior to effecting the transfer.


Sub-contracts for Urgent Production Orders

Sub-contracting to meet your urgent production orders would be permitted if requested. The relevant application form 45/FO/IS/06 should be used to obtain approval for subcontracts of enterprises located in Export Processing Zones. The two enterprises (the awarder and the subcontractor) should be solely responsible for the raw material taken for subcontracting & also for the finished items which should be returned to the awarder after finalizing the subcontract.

GRNs in respect of the subcontract should be submitted by the BOI enterprises effecting the subcontract as proof of performance of the enterprise.

Sale of Finished Products in Local Market

Sale of finished products in the local market is permitted as per the conditions laid out in the agreement. Sale is subject to payment of customs duty and other levies determined by Sri Lanka Customs.

The respective application form 45/FO/IS/30 should be downloaded from the website.

Loan of Machinery & Equipment

Transfer of Machinery on loan or rental basis.

BOI Enterprises could obtain or transfer Machinery and Equipment to/from another BOI enterprise on loan basis. They could also obtain machinery and equipment from a non-BOI enterprise on rental basis. The respective application form 45/FO/IS/13 to be submitted to the relevant IS center for this purpose, could be downloaded from the website.

Sale / Purchase of Items / machinery & Equipments Imported on Duty Free Basis manufactured at the enterprise

Sale/purchase of machinery/equipment imported on duty free basis is permitted between BOI enterprises, on a case by case basis. Also items manufactured at an enterprise are permitted to be sold to another BOI enterprise as project related item/s of the purchasing party.

For this purpose you are required to submit form 45/FO/IS/44 to the relevant service Center

Removal of Machinery Equipment from the zone for Repairs/Modification & Return

Temporary removal of machinery, spare parts and other equipment imported on duty free basis for repairs and modifications from a zone is also permitted to BOI enterprises on obtaining the approval from the relevant service center. If the quantity of machines is more than 5, the company has to submit a corporate guarantee to the relevant Investor Services Center.

For this purpose you are required to submit form 45/FO/IS/43 to the relevant service Center.

Indirect Exports

BOI Enterprises which manufacture raw material, consumables, and accessories are permitted to sell their products to manufacturer of garments and other items for the purpose of manufacture and export of final product, in terms with the BOI agreement.

BOI enterprises willing to avail themselves of the VAT concessions available under the Simplified VAT Scheme (SVAT), should register for the scheme monitored by the Inland Revenue Department..

positionExecutive Director (investor Services)
Tel+94 112 331 911/+94 112 427432
Mobile+94 773 043 241
Fax+94 112 430 625
NameMr. A K Rajakaruna
positionDirector (Investor Services)
Tel+94 112 342 401/+94 11 242 7430
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Import Unit

NameMr. T Vinopa
positionSenior Deputy Director
Tel+ 94 112 54 30 42
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NameMr. W.A. Samanpriya
positionDeputy Director
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NameMr. E A Vijithananda
positionDeputy Director
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Export Unit

NameMrs. Rukshani Fernando
positionSenior Deputy Director
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NameMr. Nandasena Rathnayake
positionDeputy Director
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NameMr. U.P.A.G. Jayalath
positionDeputy Director
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Verification & Services Unit

NameMrs. S.K. Boteju
positionSenior Deputy Director
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positionDeputy Director
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NameMr. W J Padukka
positionDeputy Director
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Central Verification Terminal

NameMr. Rohan P Wedage
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 112053423
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Air Cargo Terminal

NameMr. Srimal Jayawardena
positionDeputy Director
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NameMr. Bandula Jayasekara
positionDeputy Director
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Tel+94 11 4833834
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NameMr. K R P Grero
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 4833834
Fax+94 11 2251803

Katunayake Export Processing Zone

Documentation Unit

NameMr. M.V. Wijesinghe
positionSenior Deputy Director [Investor Services]
Tel+94 112 252 363
Mobile+94 76 9729401
NameMs. Makila Rajaratne
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 2252 358
NameMs. W.S. Piyaseeli
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 2252 358
NameMr. Saman Wijegunawardena
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 22 52 358

Visa & Services Unit

NameMs. M. Ariyadasa
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 22 55 149
NameMs. Roshini Perea
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 22 55 149

Verification Unit

NameMr. Hemantha Gamage
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 22 52 361
NameMr. J K Vithanage
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 22 25 361
NameMr. Channa Wanniarachchi
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 11 22 52 361

Biyagama Export Processing Zone

NameL L Ravindra Prasad
positionSenior Deputy Director [Investor Services]
Tel+94 112465216
Mobile+94 777800253
Fax+94 112465210

Verification Unit

NameK K S U Upulsiri Perera
positionDeputy Director [Verification]
Tel+94 112465219
Mobile+94 71-8100867
Fax+94 112487002

Documentation Unit

NameM A Anura
positionDeputy Director [Documentation]
Tel+94 11 2465218
Mobile+94 71 8600052
Fax+94 11 2465210

Kandy Industrial Park

NameMr. T.M. Prassanna Tennakoon
positionDeputy Director (Investor Services)- KIP
Tel+94 812 420 019
Mobile+94 71 8058 479
Fax+94 81 2420 091

Koggala Export Processing Zone

NameMr. M W G Punyawansa
positionDeputy Director (IS)
Tel+94 91 2283 455/+94 91 2283 425
Fax+94 91 2283 370

Seethawaka Export Processing Zone

NameMr. K T A D R Kasthuriratne
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 36 22 31 081
Fax+94 36 2231 083

Horana Export Processing Zone

NameMrs. Nelusha S Wickramasinghe
positionAssistant Director
Tel+94 34 2258 077
Fax+94 34 2255 687

Malwatta Export Processing Zone

NameMrs. M K A Malkanthi
positionDeputy Director
Tel+94 33 2296 166
Fax+94 33 2288 826

Wathupitiwela Export Processing Zone

NameMrs. H A A P Piyasiri
positionAssistant Director
Tel+94 33 2283 040
Fax+94 33 2283 040

North Western Regional Office

NameMrs. Ganga Bandara
positionAdministrative Officer
Tel+94 37 2277 037
Fax+94 37 2277 036

Polgahawela Export Processing Zone

NameMr. Lakshman Weragoda
positionAdministrative Officer
Tel+94 37 244 657

Mawathagama Export Processing Zone

NameMr. Tharanga Samarakoon
positionManagement Assistant
Tel+94 37 2298 147

Mirigama Export Processing Zone

NameMs. Chamari Madushani
positionManagement Assistant
Tel+94 33 2274 657