Environmental Clearances


The operations of all enterprises should be carried out ensuring conformity to the provisions of the National Environmental Act and its regulations. The enforcement of provisions under the National Environmental Act is carried out by the BOI in respect of all projects established within its Export Processing Zones. A list of activities which could be accommodated in respect of each EPZ has been prepared and could be made available on request. In respect of Enterprises outside the Export Processing Zones, the BOI grants Environmental Clearance and issues Environmental Protection Licences after obtaining concurrence from the CEA where necessary.

The Environmental Impact Assessment regulations of Sri Lanka include a list of Prescribed Projects in respect of which a specified procedure has been laid down in the regulations for granting of environmental clearance. The Environment Department of BOI assists the project proponents in obtaining Environmental Clearance by providing the necessary guidance in case of Prescribed Projects. Relevant schedule is attached in the Environmental Norms.

This document is a Guide in respect of the Environmental Protection requirements and the Standards to be adhered by the Enterprises both within and outside the Export Processing Zones.

Further information on Environmental Protection requirements and advice could be obtained from the Environment Department of BOI.

Environmental Protection License (EPL)

Environmental Norms