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Site Approval Application

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Registration with the Investor Services Department

First Export Consignment

Temporary Export / Re-Exports

Transfer / Purchase of Material & Accessories

Sub-contracts for Urgent Production Orders

Sale of Finished Products in Local Market

Loan of Machinery & Equipment

Sale / Purchase of Items / machinery & Equipment Imported on Duty Free Basis Manufactured at the Enterprise

Removal of Machinery Equipment from the zone for Repairs/Modification & Return

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Download Engineering Approvals Forms

Building Plan Approval

After signing the agreement, and before commencing construction at the site, it is required to obtain an approval for the building plans from the Engineering Approvals Department of BOI. “BOI guidelines for factory building”, explains in detail, the submission requirements and other information, the investor need to know with this regard.

Quantity Certification

Section 17 BOI projects are entitled to import construction items/materials for their projects, provided the item type is not included in the “negative list”. Engineering Approvals Department assists the investor by recommending the quantities of these items/materials, shipment by shipment basis to the Customs, after checking them against the plans and the BOQ.

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BOI Publications

Published on: March 15 2019

Labour Standard and Employment Relation Manual

Employee's Council

Investment Guidelines

Annual Reports

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