Food Processing

27% Employed in agriculture

42% Of the total land area in Sri Lanka is devoted to Agriculture

150+ Agriculture projects operating under BOI

1000+ Agriculture graduates from Universities annually

8% Share of agriculture in GDP

The Food Processing Industry in Sri Lanka is one of the emerging and lucrative industries in terms of production, consumption, export and growth prospects. Earlier, food processing was largely confined to food preservation, packaging and transportation, which mainly involved salting, curdling, drying, pickling, etc. However, over the years, with emerging new markets and technologies, the sector has widened its scope. It has started producing many new items like ready-to-eat food, beverages, processed and frozen fruit and vegetable products, marine and meat products, etc. It also includes the establishment of post-harvest infrastructure for processing various food items, like cold storage facilities and packaging centres.

Potential Areas for Investment

Fruits and vegetables (Canned, frozen, juices, pre-cut and ready-made salads, dried and dehydrated)
• Aquaculture
• Value added coconut products
• Value added spice products
• Confectionery and bakery products

Export Performance - Food & Beverage Sector- 2011 – 2021

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Major Markets - Food & Beverage Sector – 2021

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Food & Beverages Contribution to total Merchandise Exports 2011-2021

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