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Issuing of Curfew Passes​

Employees residing in Katunayake police area are allowed to use their office identification (ID) cards as a curfew permit when travelling to and from the Export Processing Zone passes and should have no direct link to any of the known clusters or quarantined individuals.

The following terms and conditions must be complied with when applying for curfew passes for rest of the quarantine areas:

1. Employees requesting curfew passes should have no direct link to any of the known clusters or quarantined individuals.

2. Employees residing in the following five Police Areas who were previously not eligible may now apply for curfew passes provided that they are travelling from their own homes or hostel facilities provided/run by the respective companies (100% dedicated to the company), and transported to and from the factories (STRICT RULE)

  • Diwulaptiya Police Division
  • Gamapaha Police Station
  • Meerigama Police Division
  • Minuwangoda Police Division
  • Veyangoda Police Division

3. Employees residing in curfew areas should be travelling from their own homes in order to be eligible for curfew passes. OR residing at hostel facilities provided/run by the respective companies (100% dedicated to the company), under the condition that they follow all the advice and precautionary methods such as not interacting with people outside of the hostel facility and complying with the process of conducting random PCR tests.

4. Employees residing in boarding houses or shared lodgings not dedicated to the company, will be granted curfew passes either once they are separated and tested, or the entire boarding is tested and a PHI/MOH certified negative PCR test result is produced

5. Employees meeting criteria 1 – 4 must use dedicated transport as much as possible, when travelling from the quarantine region and should not mix with staff from non-quarantined areas when travelling.

Please submit your staff requirement to <> with the company MD/CEO/COO or Head of HR undertaking that the information is correct – information provided is a responsibility of the company. (Please use the templates provided for request letter & staff/vehicle details).

Extension of Visa for Foreign Nationals in Sri Lanka

The validity period of all types of Visas issued to foreign nationals residing in Sri Lanka has been automatically extended for a period of 60 days (07th October 2020 to 05th December 2020). The notice below is the official communication related to visa extensions granted to foreign nationals in Sri Lanka, by the State Ministry of Internal Security, Home Affairs & Disaster Management and the Dept. of Immigration & Emigration

Import procedure relevant to all BOI enterprises operating under Sec 17 of BOI law

All requests to import project related items will be facilitated by the BOI according to the following procedure:

1. The enterprise is required to submit scanned copies of Covering Letter and Invoice/Proforma Invoice to the respective project officers (Senior Deputy Directors, Directors or Executive Director of the BOI Investment Appraisal Department by email.

2. Respective project officers will evaluate the request and recommend for approval. Approval will be communicated to the enterprise by return mail with BOI Investor Services, Engineering and Environment Departments on copy.

3. The enterprise is required to submit the layout diagrams and BOQs to the Executive Director, Engineering Approvals, BOI for quality certification of construction items.

4. When importing chemicals, the enterprise is required to submit MSDS/CSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to the Director, Environment Management.

5. Based on the approval, you can submit imported CUSDECs to the Investor services department to proceed your import pls.

Contact details of officers may be accessed here:



i. Please use the templates provided for import requests.

ii. The enterprise is required to ensure compliance of requested imports with the provisions of the prevailing Gazette issued by the Import Control Department.

iii. All import requisitions should be within the provisions of the respective agreements entered into with the BOI.

Paperless Import / Export Documentation

Facilitating restrict imports for BOI enterprises

Useful Guidelines issued by Ministry of Health

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