Multi-Storied Car Park/Mixed Development

Bogambara Playground Land at Kandy



1 Acres

Land Extent

USD 2 Mn

Minimum Investment

Project Overview

Located in the center of the Kandy city which is both an administrative and religious city and also the capital of the Central Province. To ease the daily traffic congestion, this proposed site will be ideal for a car park development.

The project value is estimated at USD 2Mn

The project is expected to commence in 2022

Project/Ownership Structure

Project company can facilitate potential partnerships with interested parties locally and internationally and it is offered on a 30-year lease 

Project incentives:

Government Tax Concessions
Speedy approval process with the assistance of the UDA
Readily available basic infrastructure to the site
Government assured land tenure security

Geographical Location: Located within the city limits of Colombo, its conveniently located in close proximity to all logistic centers and main highway.