Residential Tower Development Project

RMV Land at Narahenpita



1 Acres

Land Extent

USD 100 Mn

Minimum Investment

Project Overview

Located in a highly urban area facing the Elvitigala Mawatha, the property is proposed to develop as a High-rise City Centre Residential Development project with the intention to drive economic activities.

The estimated investment value is USD 100Mn

Project is to commence in 2022

Main access would be from Elvitigala Mawatha and is in close proximity to financial centers and major transportation facilities.

Readily available water, electricity, sewer and wastewater lines etc

Project/Ownership Structure

Project company can facilitate potential partnerships with interested parties locally and internationally and it is offered on a 99-year lease  


Project incentives:

Government Tax Concessions
Speedy approval process with the assistance of the UDA
Readily available basic infrastructure to the site
Government assured land tenure security

Geographical Location: Centrally located within Colombo and with easy access to all essential amenities.