Hospitality and Leisure Development

Visumpaya High-end Boutique Hotel Project at Union Place

Union Place


5 Acres

Land Extent

USD 35 Mn

Minimum Investment

Project Overview

Located at the centre of Colombo city, it is one of the most known historic official residences of the Government of Sri Lanka constructed in 1935 by His Majesty King William. In the late 1980’s refurbishments were done to the house and its large gardens were used as the State Guest House, to host official functions and visits of state and government heads giving it the name “Visumpaya”.

The project value is estimated at USD 35Mn

The project is expected to commence in 2022

  • Main access is from Dr Colvin R De Silva Mawatha and is in close proximity to the Colombo Fort & Railway Station.
  • Readily available water, electricity, sewer and wastewater lines, etc.

Project/Ownership Structure

Project company can facilitate potential partnerships with interested parties locally and internationally and it is offered on a 30-year lease, revised every 5 years

Project incentives:

Government Tax Concessions
Speedy approval process with the assistance of the UDA
Readily available basic infrastructure to the site
Government assured land tenure security

Geographical Location: Located within the city limits of Colombo, its conveniently located in close proximity to all logistic centers and main highway.