Horana EPZ Profile

Location Western Province, Kalutara District Ingiriya Divisional Secretariat
Year of Commencement 1999
Distance from Colombo 55 Km
Total Extent 391 Acres
Industrial Area 189 Acres
Worker Population 3423 (Female: 637, Male:2786)
Specialization of Zone
Zone Information 
  • Location
80 Km away from Bandaranayake International Airport & 55 Km from Colombo Port
  • Transport
16 Km from Horana Export Processing Zone to Southern Highway.
  • Area
391 Acres
  • Environmental
Sewerage and effluent collection system. Sewage/ effluent treatment capacity 1000m3/day
  • Access
Asphalt concreted internal road access available to all plots.
  • Security & Fire Services
24 hrs. security service, chain Link fencing, and security lighting.
  • Communication Facilities
Telephone, e-mail, internet, 200 Nos. SLT Lines
  • Water
Potable water up to WHO standards 3000 m3 /day
  • Power Availability
Dedicated Grid sub-station 63 MVA
  • Centralized

Land Premium US $ 45,100.00 (Minimum Rate / Period of lease – 30 years)
Ground Rent US $ 5,650.00 per acre per annum
Water Charges Rs. 75.00 per m3 + Monthly Service Charge
Waste Water Charges
From 01 April 2022  Rs. 30.00 (Per cm3)
From 01 January 2023  Rs. 40.00 (Per cm3)
From 01 January 2024  Rs. 50.00 (Per cm3)
Solid Waste Disposal Charges    —

  • Asphalt concreted internal road network
  • Central Effluent Treatment Plant facility
  • Potable water up to WHO standards
  • Dedicated Grid Sub-Station (63 MVA)

Services Provided by BOI
  • Cargo Verification
  • Advisory service & guidance on industrial relations
  • 24 x 24 overall security coverage
  • Environment monitoring, advisory & laboratory services
Services Provided by other State Agencies
Available commercial facilities
  • ATM Facilities
  • Postal Services

Average current market salary scales for following positions in manufacturing sector in BOI Enterprises (As at November 2020)
 In Western ProvinceIn Other Provinces
  (184.31 – ER) (184.31-ER)
Factory Plant Level
Technical (Non Executive)40,000.00217.0035,000.00189.89
Technical (Executive)45,000.00244.1540,000.00217.02
Senior Manager250,000.001356.40200,000.001085.12
Office / Administrative Level
Office Aide18,000.0097.6016,000.0086.80
Clerical & Allied30,000.00162.7625,000.00135.64
Senior Manager175,000.00949.48150,000.00813.84

Mr. L S Thilakumara
Mobile : +94 777286751
Email: sujeewat@boi.lk