BOI focuses on providing central facilitation to investors operating within BOI Zones by providing all industrial related services efficiently and effectively from a single location which enables industries to operate smoothly.

Services provided by BOI in zones

  • Approval and facilitation for Export / Import Documentation & Recommendation of expatriate visa
  • Engineering approvals such as building plans, site clearance, issuance of certificate of conformity & provision of dedicated  infrastructure facilities such as centralist water and sewerage treatment facilities
  • 24 x 7  Cargo Verification
  • Advisory service & guidance on industrial relations
  • 24 x 7 fire service with firefighting, monitoring & advisory services
  • 24 x 7 overall security coverage
  • Environment monitoring, advisory & laboratory services
  • Day care centers, Sport and recreation facilities , leisure  parks
  • Internal transport facilities, bus terminals
  • Centralized solid waste handling mechanism
  • Provision of lands for prospective projects   

Services provided by other State Agencies

  • Free healthcare facilities for workers
  • Sri Lanka Customs services
  • Ambulance service  
  • Meditation & Counseling Centers

Available commercial facilities

  • Commercial Banks
  • Industrial Waste Handling & Disposal Facility
  • Freight Forwarding & Container Yard
  • Postal Services
  • Insurance