One of the most significant contributors towards the Sri Lankan economy, the Apparel Sector has shown steady growth over the past three decades. Evolving from the traditional low-wage driven cost-competitive model of production, the island’s manufacturers now provide sophisticated solutions to the industry’s more complex global needs, leveraging on creativity and experience in an array of fields such as Design, R&D and Innovation. This rapid development of the country’s textile and garment industry has resulted in Sri Lanka transforming into a regional Apparel Hub.

The sector employs about 15% of the country’s workforce, and Sri Lanka records the highest apparel exports per capita of any exporting nation in the region.

Key Facts

  • Strict adherence to International Labor Standards
  • Adopting Ethical Production “Garment without Guilt”
  • High Quality Workforce


  • $ 5 Bn.

    Export revenue earned in 2018

  • 44%

    Contribution to the national export

  • $ 8 Bn.

    Target to be achieved by 2025

  • 990,000+

    Total employment generated

Sri Lankas Apparel Export 2012 - 2019 (Feb)

Major markets

Major Market 2018

International Brands