Tikiri Toys Global Excellence Reconfirmed its Exports and Sustainable Achievement at SLIM Brand of the Year 2023!

 Sri Lanka is synonymous with gold slandered of the Apparel Industry with a diverse product portfolio.  True Sri Lankan indigenous brand making headway in the international market in Toys and hobbies market. Within this category, the Toys segment is not the forte of our export fraternity. In this market space, Tiki Toys has become a notable brand in the US, Germany, and the UK and has a presence in nearly 56 countries. The Global demand for Toys accounts for U$ 20 billion and has given positive signals to the Sri Lankan toys export market and against all odds, Tikiri Toys achieve U$ 12 million annually. Further strengthening Tikiri Toys’ international marketing effort, Tikiri Toys has gained the pinnacle of its export performance by becoming the best export brand of the year and the Silver for eco-friendly brand of the year at SLIM Exports Excellence 2023. It is the endorsement of the company’s effort and dedication to bring happiness with the highest quality Toys to the children. This includes a collection of play equipment produced to help young children discover the world around them.

According to a study conducted by several independent research institutes under the Sri Lanka Marketing Institute, the Tikiri toys brand is hand-crafted with eco-friendly and beneficial materials such as natural rubber fibers and colors related to the physical and mental health of children. These products are often Soft and cute products that bring comfort and happiness to children. Most of these products are ethically produced according to the highest standards. Therefore, nowadays there is a new trend of buying Tikiri toys. Their aim is not only to address money through these products but also to meet the needs of consumers. The brand’s core value to balancing commercial ambitions with the highest quality with ESG orientation.

The global export market for Sri Lanka has brought mixed results due to the prevailing conditions and it has resulted unemployment situation among young unskilled youth. Newfound market opportunities for Tikiri toys have created much-needed job opportunities and it’s constantly expanding its way to develop new technical capabilities by preparing international-level products with local talent.  At present, the export of Tikiri toys is spread over fifty-seven countries among which Europe, the UK, America, and Australia are the main countries. Tikiri Toys has strategically implemented diverse brand distribution channels across various markets and communication channels.

In Europe and the UK, Tikiri Toys embraced regional sustainability values. They partnered with eco-friendly retailers to showcase products at eco-friendly trade shows and released products into the community. Continuously using social media to communicate their commitment, they further strengthened their image. Also in America. Tikiri Toys is meeting the growing demand for sustainability. They have further developed their creativity using Instagram and Pinterest to further communicate the importance of the products to parents and carers. Countries like Australia where they reach consumers through local internet and social media channels. Capitalizing on and partnering with stores, Milk Toys further communicates and socializes parents as an ethical choice for children. In this way, they hope to promote children’s first activities and their mental development, joy, and fun while maintaining sustainability in the international market. 

At present, Tikiri Toys use the names of the beautiful animals in the local language and prepare new designs for the international market, and reflect this retelling of building good relationships among friends for children. Made using all-natural rubber, pure fabrics, and dyes, these dolls can be kept as play equipment in the crib.

 Constantly changing markets and consumer behaviors stimulate the product and innovation of Tikiri Toys and developing and selling good new products that are useful for the child and the environment, and which is committed with heart and mind to providing the best products for children and parents, taking the Sri Lankan brand to the world.