The BOI facilitates more technological advancement in the Rubber Industry with Salus Safety Robotics.

The BOI, keeping with its strategic planning goals of attracting more digital and technology-driven FDI with Salus Safety Robotics Pvt Ltd a subsidiary of Salus Safety Inc., a South Korean company with over three decades of industry experience, is introducing its latest venture, Salus Safety Robotics Pvt Ltd, a pioneering company newly established in Sri Lanka. Committed to expanding the horizons of glove and machine manufacturing, collaboration with local experts in Sri Lanka has given rise to this exciting endeavor.
The company is dedicated to introducing state-of-the-art technologies that further enhance the industry, revolutionizing how gloves are manufactured. As an extension of Salus Safety Inc., The core competencies of the company of well-established expertise in precision manufacturing innovation, and excellence remain, and the cornerstones of the company’s operation. This new venture Further bridges global and local strengths, contributing to the growth of the Sri Lankan economy while delivering cutting-edge machinery and high-quality gloves to meet international demands, which will set a new benchmark for innovation in glove manufacturing. The advanced technology natured by the company will bring much-needed learning opportunities to Sri Lankan employees, and it will facilitate the rubber sector manufacturing capabilities amidst of Industry 4.0
The company already established its presence in Pakistan and it will provide its machinery to Southeast Asian countries and to the European market.