Visiting Canadian business delegation expresses its readiness to invest in Sri Lanka

-Pledged to bring in more investors to the country

Visiting high-profile business magnates from the Canada-Sri Lanka Business Convention recently
made a courtesy visit to the Board of Investment (BOI) headquarters and expressed their
interest and readiness to explore investment opportunities in Sri Lanka while making a
commitment to bring potential investors to the country.
The delegation which consisted of Canadian MP Rachel Thomas and Sri Lankan high-profile
businessmen living in Canada was briefed about investment opportunities in Sri Lanka during a
cordial discussion held with BOI officials and other stakeholders
The delegation stated that the primary objective of their visit is to interact with the people,
corporate, and industry leaders of Sri Lanka and thus explore new avenues to invest and
thereby assist Sri Lanka to overcome the present economic quandary.
Delivering the welcome speech, BOI Chairman Raja Edirisuriya expressed gratitude to the
delegation on behalf of the BOI for visiting Sri Lanka and expressing the willingness to invest in
the country at this crucial juncture.
“Your visit is indeed an encouragement to diasporas based in other countries including
Australia, England, and Germany and it is high time that every one of you chips in to help Sri
Lanka overcome this economic crisis,” Mr. Edirisuriya underscored.
The BOI Chief also outlined the investment opportunities in the country highlighting the
opportunities available in the Northern and Eastern provinces such as crab farming, ornamental
fisheries, agriculture, solar, and wind power generation.
He also elaborated on the steps undertaken by the BOI to woo investors such as setting up the
Investor Facilitation Centre, digitization of BOI work, etc.
Meanwhile, Canada-Sri Lanka Business Convention’s President Kula Sellathurai stated “We are
here with an open and generous mind to assist Sri Lanka where we were born and given free
education and healthcare. We owe to this country,”
“The present economic crisis is one of the compelling factors which prompted us to come to Sri
Lanka. We have the feeling that we owe to this country which nurtured us to be where we are
today and hence, should give something back,” voiced.
“As such, we are now looking for opportunities to invest in Sri Lanka. Some of our members of
the delegation have already found interest in certain areas to invest in while others are looking
for suitable options,” Mr. Sellathurai articulated.
He also extended a warm invitation to diaspora colleagues to come and visit Sri Lanka and
explore business opportunities, adding, “We are confident that Sri Lanka will rebound and
become stable soon and we are thus privileged and thrilled to make our contribution toward
this revival

Media & Publicity Department

Board of Investment of Sri Lanka