Electrical & Electronics


The electrical and electronic industry is a growing sector globally, consisting of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, retailers, electrical engineers and electricians. The worldwide electrical & electronic industry is distinguished by advanced technological developments and has expanded rapidly than most other industries over the past 30 years.

Sri Lanka has become a key player within the South Asian region, which has become a hot spot for electrical and electronic manufacturing. The country with ideal manufacturing conditions for the sector, young and tech savvy workforce who have been given specialized training in electrical manufacturing, along with its advantageous air and shipping connectivity with rest of the world, makes Sri Lanka a promising destination for the electrical and electronic sector.

This sector has created a large quantity of employment opportunities in Sri Lanka. The average salary scales of employees in this sector are comparatively attractive than other manufacturing industries, which has resulted in the availability of a relatively large talent pool with highly trainable youth and skilled professionals in the form of design and manufacturing engineers.


  • $ 370 Mn Contributed to the total export revenue in 2017
  • 30,000+ Skilled workforce
  • Duty free access to the Indian market and the Eu
  • 70+ Companies are engaged in designing manufacturing and export

Sri Lanka's Electric and Electronic Product Exports 2015-2019

Major Export Destinations:

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