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Educated And Adaptable Workforce

Sri Lanka comprises of a highly versatile and skilled workforce which is cost competitive, highly productive and bilingual. Majority of the Sri Lankan workforce consist of highly qualified professionals having extensive experience in, numerous fields such as information technology, manufacturing, finance and accounting, fashion and design, and law.

The government gives high priority to improving both the national education system and access to education, resulting a majority of 50% equipped with best quality higher education in technical and business disciplines. Various vocational training programs have been introduced by the government to cater to the future demand in many sectors including precision manufacturing, Information Communication and Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Light Engineering and Automotive manufacturing etc.

The typical Sri Lankan worker is highly trainable and possesses precision skills which make them adept at executing complex manufacturing processes. The fact that Sri Lankans are friendly, creative, and acclimatize to rapidly changing diverse cultures and work environments, pave way for easy and quick integration of varying business climates and foreign enterprises which is an added advantage for foreign ventures.